Every time I think Mr FijiWiji can’t get any better, he proves me wrong with an even more creative, quality project. The Fij didn’t truly get on my radar until the release of “Seraphic” (his collaboration with Tritonal), but he has since become one of my favorite artists, with his early 2015 EP Growing Up blowing all possible expectations.

“Hostage” – Mr FijiWiji’s first-ever collaboration with vocalist Anna Yvette – is possibly his most shocking release yet. In a similar fashion to Porter Robinson‘s “Sea of Voices,” the track is written in 128 BPM, but isn’t your typical house banger. In fact, this track pushes for the kind of sound you’d expect to hear from a collaboration between The xx and Hans Zimmer, with its indietronic and cinematic elements that flow throughout the entirety of the song. Yvette’s vocal appearance acts perfectly to accentuate the instrumental’s epic nature, making the perfect combination. If this track is any sign of what’s to come with Mr FijiWiji’s forthcoming Dogma EP, then I’m very, very excited for May 18th.

Listen to “Hostage” and pre-order Dogma below:

Pre-order on iTunes: monster.cat/1W6YGuo
Pre-order on Bandcamp: monster.cat/1W5eQUo
Pre-order on Google Play: monster.cat/1SZHTZk