From two extremely talented young producers, KYFRA and Eche Palante, come a brand new deep-tropical house single perfect for the summertime sun. “I Got You” comes out via tropical house SoundCloud label powerhouse Tipsy Records and might just be their best release yet.

Comparatively speaking, the two producers and vocalist Brandon Lehti might not be known commodities just yet, but you should definitely keep your eyes and ears peeled for more releases by any one of the three really.

Production and vocals mesh seamlessly in “I Got You” as Brandon Lehti’s sweet yet sad vocals are carried away by a gorgeous combination of piano melodies and percussion kicks (shades of EDX anyone?) while the breakdown in between drops features uplifting chimes and tropical elements to balance Brandon’s melancholic vocals.

It’s interesting to hear a song with an almost wistful lyrical content with an instrumental backdrop  you would expect to hear at beach parties or the pool, but somehow all three artists pull it off to a tee. Grab yourself a free download here!