If you’re not looking forward to Tuesday for any reason, two musical entities have joined forces to give you something to brighten up work, school, or any other errand you’re running this week. The two electronic dance music names Bonnie X Clyde and Clips X Ahoy have a new song that’s coming out tomorrow, called “Worth It,” that combines the the former’s “vocal bass” sound with the latter’s production prowess.

What Bonnie X Clyde and Clips X Ahoy bring to the table with their newest project is a trap and jersey club hybrid that bounces with every layered bass line firing away. Complimenting this track are delightful vocals that blend neatly with the tune’s monster build. All in all, what these young talents bring together in this collaboration is a savage “turn up” tune that has the power to move club-goers and concert-aficionados whenever it comes up.

Check out “Worth It” as a free download or in this video. It’s tied in with the Bonnie X Clyde and Clips X Ahoy recap of their state-wide tour in Florida earlier this year. If you watch the video, you’ll see the absolute chaos they lead across the Sunshine State.