In an industry where we are inundated every day with music that seems to fall into cliché formats, our ears beg for something that fights the norm. We crave the music that causes us to stop and take notice, for all the right reasons. In this most recent compilation from Matchbox Orchestra and Gravity, you will indubitably do just that!

The track kicks off with what seems like a simple fade-in melody, but from the first words out of Gravity’s mouth, you know you’re in for something new and different. The smooth stylings of this British rapper immediately draw you in, amping up the pace. Then just as quickly we are slowed down by the soothing, tantalizing vocals of Kayanna, combined with a unique background vocal distortion and creative stir of synths. This builds slowly, ultimately culminating in a burst of heavy base, cuing the chorus. This hard hitting base line is juxtaposed with a more upbeat, but fierce melody on top, creating a fusion of fully immersive sound. The melding of syncopated rap, sweet female topline, and pulsating, mesmerizing background distortion, makes for a totally new and thoroughly satisfying experience. If you’re looking for something new, fresh, and hard hitting – this is a must hear!

This signature song is only one of 4 amazing tracks put out by Do Better on the recently released I EP. Each track features a new up and coming artist, each with their own exciting signature sound. Make sure to check out the whole thing here!