Good Life Festival brought some heavy hitters this year with headliners like RL GrimeDVBBSmarshmello & more. But an unexpected guest also made an appearance that shocked attendees and sparked far-reaching conversation on social media.

The special guest, you ask? A ghost in the form of a young girl holding a teddy bear. Confirmed by the festival through one of their photographers who managed to capture the apparent apparition on camera, this seems very real indeed.

Here’s what the festival had to say about the affair.

As you can read, the girl allegedly died at the site of the nearby building in the early 1900’s and has “haunted” it ever since. Even regular staffers refuse to go near the old, nearby warehouse for fear of the supernatural.

Now typically we would scoff at such claims as a PR stunt. However, it’s hard to deny the cold hard evidence in the photos below. 

good life ghost

good life ghost enhanced

Say what you will, but given the local folklore and this convincing evidence, it’s hard for us to deny that this could be a legitimate ghost sighting. One commenter provided a more detailed narrative behind the story of Lucy, which the festival is currently working to confirm. Read it below.

commentor good life

We encourage you to draw your own conclusions on these mysterious circumstances, and if you have any more information please feel free to share it with us to add to this piece!

UPDATE: The Good Life Festival has posted an update after investigating the picture further:


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