This will most likely be the best music video you will see all day. Kristii comes in hot with a comical new music video for her new single “I Can’t Live Without You”. Kristii is an emerging solo EDM pop artist from Los Angeles who has done covers of songs from Justin Bieber, Adele, and Ariana Grande.

Her voice is a blast from the past that is reminiscent of Cascada (especially in comparison to her performance on the hit song “Everytime We Touch”). Her vocal talent combined with her dubstep-ish single “I Can’t Live Without You”, works in an unexpected manner. The music video itself is a slightly different story. Kristii uses the video not so much to make an artistic statement, but to display her singing potential to bridge her into the world of EDM. Other than that, the music video includes two dancers dancing away while Kristii sings about her heartthrob issues. Check it out below.

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if the imagery is too distracting, check out the lyric video here.