JVST SAY YES returns with what is probably his best work yet on his new Give It Time EP. Featuring two solo originals and two collaborations, this 4-track EP will be featured in everyone’s set this year, we guarantee it.

Of the four tracks, we have the pleasure of premiering the collaboration with Brillz, entitled “Move Dat.” As with most of JSY’s tracks, it’s characterized by a catchy and repetitive vocal hook that’s easy to latch onto. But the drop… oh, the drop. The pounding rhythm is guaranteed to get bodies moving and is a perfect example of how to move bass house forward as a genre in 2016. The second drop, on the other hand, is a slowed-down tempo close to dubstep – but not quite there. Either way, it’s going to melt faces.

Then, we have a third drop! Even though it’s back to the same rhythm as the first, it gives the track a solid beginning/middle/end feel as if it has reached a final conclusion.

Producers take note: this is how you fucking write a track.