Die Antwoord, the world’s favorite South African spectacle, is finally releasing their first sliver of material in almost two years, and it’s just as strange as you’d expect. Titled, “Dazed & Confused,” this is the first track of a mixtape scheduled for release on May 19th.

Centering on a synthesized reggae backdrop, subdued percussion and mellow ambiance support the duo’s ever creepy lyrics. While we’re used to Yolandi’s scampering vocals, this is a new side of Ninja that we’ve not quite been exposed to before. Just as the cover art would have you believe, it sounds like the two sparked up a fatty before laying down the bars on “Dazed & Confused.”

Oh, and it’s produced by GOD.

If you find blasphemy offensive, they’re not about to apologize, so just have a listen and make of it what you will.

Die Antwoord will be playing Secret Solstice Sunday, June 19


Source: Pitchfork