Think of Diplo how you will, the guy has had one whirlwind of a career. From his humble beginnings in Pennsylvania to his personal and professional relationship with M.I.A., and through his various periods spent on projects like Major Lazer, Jack Ü and his own work, Wesley Pentz has been able to establish himself as a global icon both in and out of the music industry. Now, through a special feature created by Youtube personality Michael McCrudden as part of his “Before They Were Famous” series, the entire, exhausting timeline of Diplo’s life can be followed in full.

McCrudden begins his report during Diplo’s early childhood years, when he said Diplo hoped to be a paleontologist. From there, it carries through his extensive list of personal and career-related milestones over the last several decades that have transformed him into the person we now know.

Watch the full video below, and take a second look at the man behind the success and controversy of today.

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