When Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s latest collaboration, “This Is What You Came For,” dropped, there seemed to be a lot of mixed feelings about it. Of course there was the camp of Calvin and Rihanna fans who think the artists could do no wrong, and felt the track was the best thing ever. It was that thinking that took the track to #1 in the iTunes charts in over 35 countries.

Then there was another group of people who know Calvin’s and Rihanna’s real abilities, and felt just a little disappointed in the two of them.

While that disappointment isn’t so easy to wash over, this remix from Just A Gent could certainly help a bit.


Rather than the big festival sounds used in the original, JAG takes the intensity down to a comfortable 2 out of 10. More than a track for any festival, this is more at home on your chill playlist you use to go to sleep. (Don’t lie, we all have one.)