Technique Recordings has cemented its reputation throughout the drum and bass scene time and time again with their naturally upfront artists and distinctive energy. Each artist on the roster fortifies their own potential magnificence while all walking their specific destined road to success. L Plus is a prime example of one of their exceptional team players. Now, just ahead of the massive album the man himself has released a two-track teaser. Don’t sleep on this one.

Personally, this track is my favorite of the two. Why? Because so many tracks in electronic dance music currently lack one specific definitive feature. Groove. Without it, your track is bland. In my opinion, this itself is what separates an artist from someone simply trying to finish a song.

It goes without saying that this album will be one of the most anticipated of its class. Don’t miss out on an album surely stacked to its brim with DJ bangers, as well as some excellent productions that encapsulate everything Technique is known for.

You can purchase the single here.