If you like your music dark and dirty, then we have just the tune for you. Subp Yao and Yunis, both members of the illustrious Saturate! Records crew, have teamed up for what we’re hoping is the first of many collaborations; ‘. (A Dot)’ is gritty, grimy goodness through and through.

Drawing influence from the sounds of both West Coast bass music and their native European locales, the two beat-smiths immaculately combine elements of trap and grime, with a dash of industrial grade weird-sauce thrown in for good measure. Chopped, echoing vocal samples skitter around raw, booming bass hits and clattering percussion; meanwhile, synth notes that sound like they were spit out of an alien supercomputer float through the background, nicely filling in the gaps between waves of low-end. Things culminate in a collision of sub-bass and grinding chords; they even managed to slip a tasteful bed-spring sample in there. Neither Subp Yao nor Yunis held back for this one and we’re extremely stoked to bring it to your ears today. Check out the full stream after the jump and grab the free download if you’re feeling the vibes!


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