Holy mother of all things bass music, do we have a premiere for you…

The new Earbutter EP is here with an original featuring Spragga Benz called “War,” and a remix of the same tune from none other than Zardonic. WARNING: Both tracks go hard as fuck.

The original is a hard trap piece of candy, using stuttering synth stabs and an unrelenting bassline. Odd bells and whistles give the illusion that this is a lullaby, but make no mistake, it’s a death cannon.

The Zardonic remix, on the other hand… there’s no trickery. It’s a war machine. You know those tracks that come on in the club, and they’re so heavy that it feels like they’re physically weighing down on you? Meet the patriarch. This track is so heavy and relentless you could call it a hydraulic press. The first section of the drop is an intensely hard house, 4 on the floor rhythm. The tempo is upped even further with even quicker synth stutters than the original, including heavy wobbles and sounds aimed directly at your temples. It’s hard to even predict the madness if anyone actually chose to drop this in a live setting.

The final thirty seconds are comprised of a straight bass assault before it fades out.

As always, use caution if you’re pregnant or have a heart condition 😉

“Carmel Ceravolo [Earbutter] is one of the first guys I got acquainted with from the American EDM scene and we go way back. I’m extremely happy to see his production game developing into this monster project that is Earbutter. I couldn’t not give him a killer remix for such a killer track!!” – ZARDONIC

“War is a composition centered on aggression coupled with Spragga Benz’s vocals to bring an authentic street flavor as one of Kingston’s original shottas. This track blends the new school EDM trap vibe with a legendary reggae vocalist and I hope people dig it.” – Earbutter