At the beginning of April, The Chainsmokers released “Inside Out,” a high-flying original track with infectious vocals from Charlee. The song saw instant success, as has become the norm, and was played out for one of the first times during the two’s Sahara Tent slots at Coachella. Now, fans of the track can finally hear new and interesting takes of the original through official remixes by both ARMNHMR and Not Your Dope/Spirix.

Released earlier this week, the two remixes see the most memorable and foundational components of “Inside Out” reimagined and framed against completely new sonic backgrounds. Not Your Dope and the talented 17-year-old Spirix combine their talents on the first flip, transforming the track into a blissful and swirling festival trap anthem. Featuring soaring vocal edits and atmospheric samples, the remix perfectly switches between moments of intimacy and grandeur.

ARMNHMR’s rework takes a more delicate approach than the former, gradually leading the build into a soulful and simplistic series of future bass waves. Despite being equally suited to the festival stage as the previous remix, this one takes a lighter and more melody-oriented approach to the original’s energy. The result is a beautiful perspective on a tune that’s truly ripe for fresh takes.