DDei&Estate have returned to the spotlight with an entirely different flavor, and we couldn’t be more excited to present the premiere of their latest endeavor. Titled “Whales,” the duo’s new single boasts a soundscape prime for navigating the roiling depths of the ocean.

Through and through, “Whales” is a heavily deadmau5 inspired tune, but it’s still so much more than that. They’ve accentuated all the beauty of synthesized arpeggios to fully capture the essence of tried and true progressive house. Subdued whale calls lend the track its namesake, and the whole thing chugs along to a thrilling rhythm, embellished by legato filters and surprisingly warm modulations to set the tone just right.

Having already garnered support from Chuckie, W&W, D.O.D, and more, you don’t want to miss out on what DDei&Estate are cooking up next. Have a listen below, and snag this gem as a free download courtesy of Timelapse Music Group.