I’m not normally one for track reviews these days, but this one stuck out like a swollen and bruised sore thumb in a collage of unadulterated hand model magazines (if that’s a thing). If you’re a fan of drum and bass in general, chances are you’re a fan of some of the most respected pioneers in the game, Drumsound & Bassline Smith. In today’s production world, it’s quite common for certain artists to mold their releases based on the sound of their past productions. This track is a pristine example of how not to do that. I present to you everything exhibited when you step outside of the box, exemplified by a 4:58 second song.

This tune is the first of many lined up to join Technique’s legendary summer compilation. If this jazzy bit constructed through the soul of some of the most rooted pioneers we’ve ever heard of doesn’t scream cold waters, hot suns and good vibes, I truly don’t know what will.