From our side of the pond, it’s quite frequent to see lineups on the other side of the world and get uneasily jealous. Festivals tend to book those of our wildest dreams time and time again. When I first caught wind of this new festival thrown by my personal favorite drum and bass label (or any label for that matter), I knew I’d immediately have to overcome a sense of unrivaled loss, purely due to me understanding the sad truth that I wouldn’t be able to attend something so far away. This time, I asked myself, I truly questioned- why? Why can’t I take a leap of faith and hop on a plane to experience a festival that could surely unravel to be one of the best weekends of my short life? I’d be completely content not attending another club night in all of my days if in exchange I was promised a full-length experience attending a festival as exponential as the aforementioned.

I ask you, our readers and fellow drum and bass enthusiasts, near and far. Do you believe in love at first sight? After this, I juuuuuuust might.

Listed before you is the first batch of irrefutably massive artists to bless bass lovers near and far. Stacked to its very neck with artists like High Contrast, MetrikCritical Sound System (Mefjus, Kasra and Emperor), EtherwoodGentleman’s Dub Club (Live), who could resist?

Next up, is the second announcement, that may have well made me break my neck with a hearty double-take. This one features Fred V & Grafix, just ahead of their epic new album. Along with them is badman S.P.Y, Danny Byrd, and Hospital’s brilliant new signing Maduk. 

As if the two announcements hadn’t sold me immediately already, they just haaaaaad to go and announce a few additional stages including a Rampage stage, a Med School stage, Dub Phizix & Strategy’s “Well Good Do” stage, and a full- blown Doctor’s Orders takeover stage – just enough to cement my already predetermined decision. At this point, if that voice on your shoulder advising you to follow the pathway that is in your best interest hasn’t already nudged you into making a justifiable impulse purchase, allow me to. Hope to see you all there!

You can purchase tickets here: