In promotion of his new memoir, Porcelain, electronic artist Moby recently sat down with The Guardian to discuss some of the more interesting and private experiences he faced during the 1990’s. His reputation, it turns out, may not be as a sparkly clean as his fan base may have thought.

Among discussions of love affairs with strippers, threesomes and stabbings, Moby described his routine party lifestyle while living in New York. He said that he would often be awake “at 8am, with strangers in my house, bags of drugs, I’d had about 15 drinks, having sex with a complete stranger.” He would leave the house some nights with the intention of having “a couple of drinks,” but would end up “going from one bar to another” as if he were on some great adventure.

According to the interview, Moby and some of his friends would even make a game out of rubbing their penises on unsuspected people.

“There’s a funny side to this story. I might change it because I don’t know if I want it to follow me around. I had some friends from college who would do that. They would get very drunk, pull their willy out and just brush it up against people. So what I will say is that a friend of mine once did that to Donald Drumpf. You can extrapolate as to who that person might be, and that’s as much as I can say.”

Moby’s Porcelain is out now and available wherever books are sold.


Source: Mixmag