The last time deadmau5 officially released a song – not counting the demos he regularly puts up on Soundcloud (well… put) – was in 2014, and that was his latest album, while (1<2). If that seems like a really long time, that’s because it is. But the constant flood of new material has kept us sated and content, for what it’s worth.

However, as enigmatic as deadmau5 is, his release schedule is probably weirder. We’re still expecting (hoping?) for another album in 2016, and it certainly seems like he has enough material to pull it off. Whether they’re all up to his standards is another story, but at least we’ve got one release to talk about, and it’s called “Snowcone.”

“Snowcone” was first dropped as a demo on his Soundcloud in early April, and it hasn’t really changed much since then. It’s been cleaned up and mastered, each sound crisper and clearer than before, but the arrangement and songwriting is essentially unchanged.

Listen below, and purchase here.