Just in time for the holiday weekend, Kygo’s new album Cloud Nine grabbed the number one slot on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. It’s the first full LP from the breakthrough tropical house artist and given his meteoric rise, it makes sense that it’s debuting at the top. According to Nielsen, the 17,000 copies it sold right out of the gate is the most that any album in this category has sold in a single week so far this year.

As many will recall, the success of its first two singles “Firestone” and “Stole the Show” catapulted Kygo from an independent and relatively unknown name to worldwide fame. Now with Cloud Nine’s official release, the fact that nine of his songs in total currently have a place on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronica songs list seem to be a fitting echo to the chart-topping album’s name. The highest scoring track on the song charts being “Stay” featuring Maty Noyes, which holds the number ten slot.

Kygo’s been heard talking of his fame, saying “I have to enjoy it while it lasts.” The release of Cloud Nine at such a peak position is sure to extend however long that will be.

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via Billboard