SoundCloud just made a power move. As the once trailblazing company is slowly sinking at the feet of Spotify and Apple Music, SoundCloud has formed a partnership with LANDR, an online mastering service.

The strategic maneuver is clearly aimed at retaining SoundCloud’s producer user base, and is sure to be a welcome perk for artists who don’t have the resources to be sending out tracks for post-production fine-tuning.

Essentially, paid subscribers will have the option to use LANDR free of charge to create quality uploads shared directly to SoundCloud for streaming purposes. Here are a couple important points LANDR wanted to clarify about the partnership:

“LANDR is proving top quality mastering for the platform. LANDR had been testing different formats to share on SoundCloud and with the partnership, they’ve created the best format to optimize the sound for SoundCloud streaming.”

“Every free user of SoundCloud gets one free WAV and unlimited “optimized for SoundCloud” songs. SoundCloud Pro users get 2 free WAVs and unlimited “optimized for SoundCloud” songs and SoundCloud Pro unlimited users get 4 free WAVs and unlimited “optimized for SoundCloud” songs.”

“They are only aimed to be shared on SoundCloud for streaming and will not show in the users track library on LANDR for download.”

After Spotify’s announcement that they’ll be hosting unlicensed DJ mixes, this countermove from SoundCloud is vital, but will it be enough? We’ll have to wait and see how the platform continues to evolve.


H/T Magnetic Mag