Cavalier has just released his latest original track, once again pairing up with EZRA to complete the soulful and downtempo, hip hop-oriented vibes. “ONE TWO” is characterized by its sharp and complex percussion and underlying, ethereal tones, resulting in a beat that can be listened to with equal weight on the dance floor or leaned back in your chair. It’s currently available for free download via the link below.

The track starts with distant, echoing tones before the percussion section suddenly explodes into the space. An arpeggiated series of notes rests above a rumbling sub bass and piercing hi hats, eventually transforming into a laid back and smooth accompaniment to longer held chords and high pitched vocal cuts. Later on, the vocals take center stage above a more minimal arrangement. The beat evolves and overlaps itself during the length of his verses until only light shakers and a lone rhode piano remain.

Click here to download the track for free!