Looks like Beck’s picked up some trap beats to go with his latest batch of song stylings. This new release called “Wow” sees him once again demonstrating his ability to blend his own musical/visual aesthetic with what people are dancing to. But this departure into EDM isn’t anything new. He’s recently collaborated with Flume on “Tiny Cities” as well as with Chemical Brothers on the piece “Wide Open.”

Beck’s version of setting up his own trap inspired song is more classically ‘Beck’ than ever. The video to the song is a collage of stunning visual color and the kind of pop art that Andy Warhol would tip his hat to. And it’s also got no shortage of social commentary, with lyrics touching on issues that vary from sustainability culture to the more stark elements of social media. The result is an unpredictable trip through a wormhole into Beck’s reflection of some kind of universal human dreamscape. Be sure to check out the video below and make your own meaning out of it!


H/T: The Dancing Astronaut