It’s no secret that Jauz & Ghastly are super good friends, so it’s almost surprising it took them this long to follow up on their 2014 collaboration, “Miami Connection.” That being said, they took a really unique approach to this one, melding both of their most popular songs – “Feel The Volume” and “Crank It,” respectively – and building out a new tune around various samples from those tunes.

The intro almost sounds deadmau5-esque in its chord progression and minimalism, but that’s quickly thrown aside for a more bass-heavy approach that kicks you right in the throat. Leading in with vocal samples from “Feel The Volume” and “Crank It,” the track quickly descends into madness.

The most exciting part of this track, more than anything else, is imagining Jauz or Ghastly showing up as a surprise guest to the other’s show, and seeing them drop this live. The crowd would go absolutely MAD.

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