Insomniac’s Annie Rinsky is under no illusions regarding the current state of electronic dance music. After years of raving and working nearly every job in nightlife, Rinsky is more than qualified to offer her thoughts on how our culture is growing.

Yesterday, Rinsky uploaded a video to YouTube titled “EDM Intervention,” and it’s since gotten some serious attention. She covers some important topics, such as an outsider’s view of EDM, how the culture functions as a release to so many fans, and even addresses genre snobbery and looking down upon kandi.

Another major discussion point in her “EDM Intervention” is the controversial sync button, and I have to agree with her stance. While the sync button can certainly be seen as training wheels, the technology is there, so why not use it to free up the time you’d spend beat matching and explore your creativity? Regardless of your stance, I highly recommend watching the video before making any assumptions.


H/T Thump