It’s looking like Monstercat 026 is going to have the most new artists we’ve seen on the label in a long time. January gave us CormakMelano and Conro, February gave us Hush, and now in March, we’re getting Loosid. Stylized /ˈlo͞osid/, the mysterious project can most definitely be compared to Karma Fields in terms of what we really know about the person or people behind it. Whoever it is, we can be certain that Loosid makes some damn fine music.

I regretfully only found out about Loosid following the release of their remix of Galantis‘ “Gold Dust,” which was by far the most unique take on the track. More recently, the project has been recruited to remix “Roses” by The Chainsmokers and “Slowly” by Dropout, with both remixes also being extremely experimental. With support from such respected, well known artists in the EDM scene, we can definitely be sure that the Loosid project is a serious one.

Although Loosid’s remixes and originals have been top notch already, their Monstercat debut “Clouds” blows all of them all out of the park. Experimental in every definition of the word, “Clouds” is caught somewhere between a number of styles and subgenres, including drumstep, bass house, trap and indie dance. I originally heard the track almost a month ago at Monstercat HQ amongst other previews from Tristam and Vicetone, but needless to say, “Clouds” was my favorite of the bunch. I mean, how could it not be? Its grimy bass line, creative sampling, and gorgeous strings and vocals (from the lovely Raycee Jones) will have listeners hooked after just one listen.

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