Photo: Cirque Du Soleil

There few people as iconic as Criss Angel when it comes to the world of illusion. He has captivated a world-wide audience for years under his fascinating talent that is nothing short of incredible. 

Fan or not, you’ve heard of “MindFreak”, which was his daring yet successful attempt to bring illusion outside of the stage and onto the street. It has grown to be one of America’s top television shows and is now being taken to yet another level: live performance

He’s been leaking videos since April over his Instagram, teasing what’s to come, which has me so eerily excited. What’s even more intriguing is that he seems to be involving a more EDM-esque element, along with a soundtrack I can’t get enough of.

But one question still ate at me…who is this artist he’s been featuring?!

I’ve been digging around, trying to figure out who this mystery producer may be, and I’m happy to say I have a major clue. I was able to link a older tweet from the talented LA DJ/Producer X-Vertigo that suggests he’s behind such a ruse.

I’m not sure to what extent X-Vertigo may be working with Criss Angel, or how many tracks he’s produced or even how much EDM you can expect to hear at Criss Angel’s ‘MindFreak’ shows. One thing I can say is that I’d love to hear more of this track and hopefully even see a release date soon!

We will continue to post updates, but in the meantime go ahead and listen to more of the tune from X-Vertigo below and also see more behind Criss Angel’s ‘MindFreak’ live show here