E3 is in full swing, but it’s not just electronics this week that will be on display.

After the convention, people are going to want to let off some steam and have fun on the dance floor, and FACEIT and Monstercat are more than happy to oblige. The event will feature performances from Krewella, Unlike Pluto, Puppet and Pierce Fulton – however, it will be invite-only.

“While this seems at first glance as narrowing the audience,” says Monstercat, “the goal of this initiative is to in fact ensure that the AFK community remains a positive one by inviting individuals that understand its forward thinking purpose bringing the best out of the gaming and electronic music industries to allow it to continue to grow. With many members already proving to promote AFK’s positive message, we have opened the last portion of guestlist spots to those who will be vetted through our fan registration form; proving the veracity of their fandom for a chance to win an invitation to the show!”

FACEIT x Monstercat AFK Fan Registration

Monstercat AFK was debuted in Austin at SXSW this past March with extreme success, and now looks to take Los Angeles by storm, as well.

While it may be difficult for fans to find their way into this show, it’s definitely worth the effort.