Atlanta-based producer Popeska has been off the grid for quite some time now, with his remix of “Lean On” being his only release in 2015. In an open letter to his fans posted a few weeks ago, Popeska addressed his nearly two-year hiatus, mainly naming his frustration with the business side of the industry as the reason for leaving the scene. However, Popeska seems to be back in full force, dropping what may be his best song yet; “Doing Me Wrong” is a remarkable return for the young producer. In his own words:

When music comes from the heart and not a contract, the difference in quality is astounding. “Doing Me Wrong” showcases Popeska’s developments as a producer, revealing what I believe to be a more mature style of production. Radiating happy-go-lucky vibes and an upbeat atmosphere, “Doing Me Wrong” is a quintessential summer tune that mirrors Popeska’s second wind. Beautiful chord progressions and wavy synths combined with a flawless mixdown have earned “Doing Me Wrong” a spot as one of the best tracks the month of June has seen so far.

Stream the track below and be sure to download it for free HERE!