Drum & bass has been in the spotlight like never before as of late, due in part to the rise of artists like Ivy Lab, Halogenix, Alix Perez, and several others. Their unique approach to the genre has inspired producers from around the globe to try their hand at good ol’ half-time, and it has generated some excellent results.

Case in point: Subduktion‘s latest track, ‘Sentral’, freshly released via Washington’s Anomaly Music Collective. The young music maker does an excellent job of fusing classic and modern styles of drum & bass into one cohesive unit. A spacey, synth-laden intro reminiscent of late nights in crowded warehouses gives way to crisp percussion as the tune unfolds; shuffling hi-hats and punchy kick drums drive the progression forwards until a fuzzy, vintage vocal sample heralds the immediate arrival of the drop. The bass-line hits like a seismic wave, with an undeniable groove that’s sure to put a swing in your step. Round, thumping low-end squalls and stutters fill the empty space, with synth stabs thrown on top for good measure. Whether you’re an old-school head or a new fan of the genre, Subduktion should please your ears; best of all, it’s a free download. Check it out after the jump; happy listening!


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