Pegboard Nerds have been on a roll with new music this year. Their newest single “Weaponize” is just a small piece of the slew of releases the duo has put out in 2016, including collaborations with GrabbitzNGHTMREKrewella, two remix EPs, and the self-released “Bass Charmer.”

“Weaponize” has the Nerds returning to dubstep once again, but they’re not alone. The track is a special collaboration with the fellow Norwegian up-and-comer MIU, whose recent claim to fame has been a handful of releases on Excision‘s Rottun Recordings. Since MIU appeared on both of Pegboard Nerds’ last two remix projects, the collaboration comes as no surprise. The Nerds have clearly had their eye on this artist for a long time, with his single “R.A.F.” being supported by the duo on a number of outlets, including their Your EDM Mix last year. While “Weaponize” is a bit different than MIU’s signature hard trance-infused dubstep, it’s good nonetheless.

The single in itself is easily one Pegboard Nerds’ heaviest tracks yet, and that’s saying quite a bit. Long-time fans may have a hard time connecting to this track due to its distinct lack of bright, melodic undertones that are found in most of their other music. However, this doesn’t discredit the duo at all. In fact, it only serves to broaden their horizons to new audiences.

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