Snapchat is starting their own online magazine, but before you start thinking about all the nasty images they’ll be posting, it’s not what you think. The aim of the publication, called Real Life, is to document how technology has grown to influence our lives and vice versa.

Snapchat’s Nathan Jurgenson will serve as the editor-in-chief of the publication, and wants nothing more than to differ from the typical tech magazine, straying from the standard review and speculation model.

“By publishing writers who may not think of themselves as tech writers but are actually aware of how they use and are used by their devices. We hope to make room for a wider, better understanding of the web as something neither good nor bad, neither negative nor positive, but human in all the weirdness and complexity of that word.”

Considering the social media platform’s origins, it’s certainly going to be interesting seeing what content comes from the new magazine. Ready or not, Real Life will be launching on June 27th via


H/T Biz Beat Blog