If those Monday blues have you down, remember that music is always the best medicine. It can remove your from yourself and make you look inward almost simultaneously, a most extraordinary feeling. So, stop what you’re doing, take a second to breathe, and let the sounds of Kalya Scintilla‘s Listen to the Trees EP wash over you.

Featuring four undeniably vibrant tracks all named after different trees from around the globe, this release is a breath of fresh air from the Australian glitch-hop pioneer. He truly went back to his roots for this one; fans of his earlier works like Shimmer and Dance the Spiral Never Ending will be ecstatic while newcomers to the music will get a taste of what sets this producer apart from the norm. Taking a break from his more story-telling themed project with Eve Olution, Kalya focuses on creating a uniquely relaxing atmosphere, letting the beats speak for themselves; save for a few psychedelic vocal samples, the album is entirely instrumental. Tribal rhythms and native instruments are impeccably blended with crisp, understated percussion and ambient, glitchy bass growls to form the signature, exotic soundscapes we’ve come to know and love. This is music for both the mind and body, stimulating the imagination and creating an unmistakable urge to swing and sway your cares away.

In short, Listen to the Trees is some of Kalya’s best work to date and we highly encourage you to tune in as soon as you get a chance. The EP is available exclusively via Addictech as of right now, but will move to all other retailers on the 27th. In the meantime, you can check out a preview stream after the jump; happy listening!


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But, wait, there’s more! If you’re feeling the vibes on the EP, then you should definitely try to catch a live performance from the man himself. He’ll be on tour starting in July and is bringing along Eve Olution and psy-trance maestro, Merkaba. Coincidentally, Merkaba just released a new album today as well; it has been 3 years in the making, so definitely check it out.