Early last month, progressive house producer Max Vangeli released a brand new single on his own NoFace record label. Featuring the vocal talents of Connor Foley, “Stay Out” has received a flurry of praises since its release, and now Vangeli and Your EDM have teamed up to premiere a fitting music video for the track.

The video opens with an amusing shot of Foley barely dressed, waking up on a street corner groggy and confused. Foley then runs at a breakneck speed, grabbing random articles of clothing to get dressed as he speeds through a city. Foley’s clothes-grabbing antics naturally anger a few people, and he barely escapes their wrath before meeting up with a woman who is revealed to be source of his efforts. The video complements the track’s uplifting vocals and constant energy, and gets creative in its various shots of the city throughout.

Watch the music video to Vangeli’s “Stay Out” video below: