In anticipation of Major Lazer’s upcoming collaboration with Justin Bieber and MØ, Diplo has just satiated us with a brand new collaboration with pop vocalist Sia. “Waving Goodbye” comes as part of the soundtrack for recent film The Neon Demon, directed by Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn.

The song begins with a distant medley of blips and low tones until Sia’s vocals take center stage above light percussion hits. Sweeping synth wipes eventually take control of the track’s energy, bring it upwards alongside pounding kick drums and Sia’s chorus. The elements are phased in and out during the length of the track, the lyrical content guiding its progression.

Listen to “Waving Goodbye” in full below, and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming information on Diplo’s next collaboration.

Although this was uploaded 2 months ago, the movie just came out this weekend, so we suspect the label in charge of the soundtrack did it for clearance. However, we can confirm the track is just making the rounds today.


Source: SPIN