This is a new one. Over the weekend, German DJ Sven Väth played to a crowd of thousands at Netherlands festival Awakenings. During his set and unbeknownst to his fans, however, his focus was rather divided between the music at hand and the simultaneous UEFA soccer match between Slovakia and his home country of Germany.

One photographer, Mr. After Party, caught Väth checking an iPhone placed on top of his mixer that was playing the game during his set. Lucky for him, Germany did end up beating Slovakia 3-0.

Check out the photos below, and stay tuned while more prophecies are fulfilled from SNL’s depiction of DJ Davvincii.13516563_1135952476463929_3034749901478777821_n

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 1.42.24 PM_zpsgn7ath9r


Source: Pulse Radio