It’s been awhile since I first wrote about the launch of brand new download gate The Artist Union back in November. Since then, they’ve grown to become one of the most popular download gates on the market with over 325,000 registered artists, 30,000 of whom are actively publishing music and downloads for their fans. And it’s not just SoundCloud artists that are in the download gate space. Artists such as San Holo, Mark Night, Alok, Martin Solveig, Shiba San and more count themselves as regular users of The Artist Union’s service.

One of their most popular features for artists and regular SoundCloud users alike was their SoundCloud Powerscore, which gave users an objective score on how “influential” your SoundCloud page was, similar to a Klout score. The methodology takes into account the reach of an account’s total followers, their follower’s followers, engagement numbers (favourites and reposts) and more to generate a score, their engagement with that artist’s tracks via favorites and reposts and also the reach of the artist’s followers. The numbers speak for themselves. Within one week of initial launch, over 15,000 artists have tested out their Powerscores with over 90,000 total so far.

Now, the Powerscore has returned after a brief hiatus for the development team to brush up the algorithm. The Artist Union team has been gracious enough to let me calculate a score on one of my channels.




Powerscore 2

Immediately, I noticed how much cleaner the new Powerscore was than the older version. All of the information is much easier to read and white is definitely easier on the eye than yellow. While all the core information from the first version still remains the same – most influential followers (key for bragging rights), score (and percentage) – it’s the newer analytics focusing specifically on the performance of your tracks that should be of most interest to content creators.

Aside from the bragging rights you can immediately nab with a high-scoring Powerscore, there’s also a lot of practical application for the service. Statistics like average plays per upload or median number of followers can give you a lot of insight into your SoundCloud account. Head on over here to check out your Powerscore, all you need is a SoundCloud account!