It has been six years since Noisia’s groundbreaking album Split The Atom. In the time since, Noisia has collaborated with a number of other drum & bass artists, they’ve put out a soundtrack for the video game Devil May Cry, and let’s not forget their stunning 2014 EP Purpose, as well as Noisia Invites, Noisia Radio… they’ve been busy.

None of that, however, compares to the news today that they have announced their forthcoming album Outer Edges, due out September 16. As Noisia, this is only their second-ever studio album, and it’s coming in a year when albums are exactly what everyone wants. At 18 tracks long, this is likely to be one of the biggest releases in DnB since the last time that Noisia released an album.

To celebrate the announcement, Noisia has dropped a new track, “Collider,” a track that I consider to be one of the best DnB tracks that has come out this year, easily. The track covers basically every base in DnB with the ferocity of a fucking Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the viciousness of a wild wolf. More than that, the musicality within the bridge and crescendos is magnificently produced and indicative of why Noisia are the premiere producers in today’s DnB scene.

Outer Edges is available September 16. Premium Bundle, Vinyl Box, CD and Merch available at: