When was the last time you heard really quality glitch hop? For some, it’s pretty easy to say that they hear it every day. For others like me, it’s been a while since glitch hop has made it out from the underground to really present itself as a powerhouse genre. I’m happy to say that PEGA5U5 has broken that dry streak with their new track “True Love” out on Ooze System Recordings.

PEGA5U5 is the combination of brothers Mr.Rogers and Pharroh, a producer and a hip hop performer respectively, who pooled their talents together to form a glitch hop phenom. “True Love” blends both of their talents perfectly, melding ethereal synths and rhythms with a gritty glitch production and sincere vocal performance.

“Hippocrene, the title of our new release, is the name of the spring that burst forth on Mount Helicon when PEGA5U5 struck it with his hoof. The Hippocrene is considered to be a source of poetic inspiration, where the Muses already had a dancing-ground where they would pound their feet, in order to awaken desire.” – PEGA5U5

You can download the single “True Love” for free right now.