Feed Me has been relatively quiet since the release of last year’s EP, A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo. However, it seems like we’re about to be hit with some new music, as he took to social media recently to announce the release of an upcoming EP, Feed Me’s Family Reunion, which is out tomorrow on the 8th.

Preceding the EP’s full release is a new single that showcases a different style for Feed Me. He’s taken on a more progressive house style for “What It Feels Like,” bringing in singer Nina Nesbitt to supply vocals for this pop-y production. Her deep singing over Feed Me’s bouncy beat creates a wonderful sound for those down with prog-house. “What It Feels Like” is definitely a break from ‘typical’ Feed Me sound and may disappoint some. However, with 7 additional tracks on the EP, fans should expect to hear some of the more aggressive sounding electro tracks Feed Me is known for.

Fortunately for some of you, the EP is available to stream to users outside of the US. Listen to Family Reunion (if you can) and check out “What It Feels Like” below!