Calvin Harris has been all over the headlines recently, most notably for his semi-recent breakup with country-turned-pop-star Taylor Swift. What was initially thought to be an amicable split has turned into a ‘nasty’ feud, which we assume will bring the next Grammy-nominated Swift album. However, it seems like Calvin beat her to the punch, as he has finally released his song supposedly aimed at Taylor Swift cheating. But we have to say, it’s a bit disappointing.

“Olé” seems to confirm previous rumors regarding its shots at Taylor cheating. It contains the leaked lyrics almost word for word, which means whoever spilled the details knew what they were talking about. And the emotional message behind the lyrics appears to be the main focus, as, musically, it is as simple as can be. A very plain Latin-influenced drum pattern repeats throughout the entire track while the addition of some plucking guitars is about the only other detectable element. Although this is credited as a John Newman track, I still expected a bit more from Calvin creatively, especially after all the press surrounding the track. (But I suppose the press only has themselves to blame for that.)

Check it out for yourself below and decide if the lyrics are about the breakup or someone else…


Image: Rukes