Producer QUIX has been quickly climbing the ranks within the bass music community lately, with tracks played out all over the world by the likes of RL Grime, Boombox Cartel and many more. His signature style and powerful production abilities have now led him to an official remix for Skrillex and Nero‘s classic hit, “Promises,” which takes the complexities of the originals and turns them on their head.

The track begins with untouched vocals above a slowly approaching swell of deep pads. The energy quickly climbs upwards until the break, where a newly imagined arrangement of growling synths, distant samples and vocal chops serves as an ode to the original. The more aggressive elements are eventually stripped away, leaving a melodic, atmospheric pit to ascend from. A swell begins once more, this time exploding into a drop full of spectrum-wide, metallic wubs and a no-BS percussion section.

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