Seeing as Pokémon Go is the new big thing, we thought it would be appropriate to dole out some Pokémon-themed EDM goodness to kick off your weekend in a fun way as you get ready to explore the area around you for wild Pokemon.

Two years ago, Imgur user ChesterHester released a boatload of Pokémon-themed EDM cards which you can check out below.

Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson. Not quite the EDM firebrand in real life, but most definitely a fire-type Pokémon over here.


Kaskade definitely has my pick for coolest single move. Switching between fire type and water type, perhaps even ice, is just unfair.

Martin Garrix

Not sure how useful “Animals” is in a Pokémon context seeing as Pokémon are just animals, but upgraded. A good collector card nonetheless as I’m sure Martin Garrix’s stock has nowhere to go but up!


Not quite sure why we’re using “Slam The Door” for this one. “Spectrum” and “Clarity” could have turned Zedd into a cool psychic type Pokémon.

Daft Punk

I feel like Daft Punk definitely has the best-looking card of the bunch. Kudos on the black/grey aesthetic.


Now this is a card I can get behind, as Deadmau5 crosses over from DJ persona to a move named after his real-life personality.

Calvin Harris

Not sure I could ever picture Calvin Harris as a grass type Pokémon…but here you go anyway!


Last but not least, we have Swedish House Mafia. “Save The World” seems like a fairly strong move. My only complaint is that they should definitely get 300 HP instead of 140 seeing as they do have three members.

Check out the impressively long collection here.