Calvin Harris just wrapped up a monstrous performance at London’s Wireless Festival on Saturday night, and what better way to start a set than with the Fresh Prince himself hyping the crowd.

Will Smith had flown out with his family to celebrate his son Jaden’s 18th birthday and spend some time off hanging with Calvin Harris. But on top of kicking off Harris’ set with massive applause, Smith was overheard giving the Scotsman some relationship wisdom backstage.

“That was awesome. I can see why every woman on the planet would want to be Mrs Harris right now. Hold out until it feels right, you’ll know when that is.”

Coming from Smith, whose marriage to his wife Jada has stood the test of tabloids and paparazzi for 19 years, we’d say it’s pretty sound advice. Following Harris’ breakup with Taylor Swift last month, and after reports of “Olé” being about the spoiled relationship, perhaps it was some much needed wisdom.