Benny Benassi just released his first album in what seems like forever, and it’s dripping with quality. While his fourth studio album, Danceaholic, boasts a satisfying 18 tracks, there’s one tune in particular that’s turning heads.

Alongside established vocalist VASSY is rising talent Elle Vee, who’s caught our attention with an awing performance on “Carousel.” Benny Benassi and MazZz have cooked up a haunting melody that’s terrifyingly good, and there’s a breadth to Elle Vee’s voice that evokes a serious bout of 80s nostalgia. A shifting bassline drifts from the beat to grab our attention and an emotionally rich topline juxtaposes Benny’s trademark synth pads rattling in the background.

Stay on the lookout for more gripping features from Elle Vee, and have a listen to “Carousel” below, available now on iTunes.