When you think Marshmello, you probably think high-energy trap and bass releases with some very distinctive sounding chords. This time around Marshemello’s gone in a completely different direction with this remix of Era Istrefi’s “Bonbon.”

Don’t feel bad if you thought the vocalist was Rihanna, I can hear a lot of similarities in not only Era Istrefi’s sugary-sweet vocals, but also Marshmello’s dancehall inspired production. As always, Marshmello’s chord progression is on point and there’s not a lot to dislike about the bouncy bass-line. While this might not be a festival staple by any means, you’ll probably catch this on rotation the next time you hit up a top 40 club.

Unfortunately, without a Marshmello repost on Soundcloud or even a mention of the new remix on Facebook, it doesn’t seem like most of his fans have caught wind of the new track. Let’s help change that and share this!