Deadmau5 has made his love of all things technology very well known, and now he’s teamed up with NVIDIA to combine his two greatest loves: cars and computers.

For more than two decades, NVIDIA has pioneered visual computing, the art and science of computer graphics. After seeing a deadmau5 post on Twitter wherein he was playing a game on a janky monitor and computer, NVIDIA reached out to him in order to collaborate on five powerful machines that would be able to showcase his own personality, as well as NVIDIA’s power in processing.

What they came up with were four computer cases, all inspired by his most iconic cars, like the Purracan and McLaren P1. The custom NVIDIA case will come in another episode of the 3-part video series.

The song in the video is titled “In Videos,” unreleased on mau5trap.

Stay tuned for the release episode 2  on Wednesday 7/20 and episode 3 on Friday 7/22.