Just when you thought Monstercat‘s 5 year anniversary celebration was over, the producing/performing mastermind Didrick has come out of nowhere here to prove us all wrong.

In 2014, Didrick amazed us all with his wild 78-track mashup for Monstercat’s 3rd anniversary, which featured a number of Monstercat’s biggest hits, commemorating 3 years of releases in just under 3 minutes.

Didrick and his gang are back at it once again, with an entirely new lineup of songs and a live performance that is somehow even more bonkers than his first. Since some of Monstercat’s biggest releases have been found in the last two years, this mashup is absolutely packed, featuring instantly recognizable tracks like Hellberg‘s “The Girl,” Marshmello‘s “Alone” and Stonebank‘s “Stronger.”

Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on this absolutely stunning performance. Watch below: