Just in time for the weekend, the “power house” pioneer himself has released a new track to get the weekend started the right way; with some dancing. The German born, independent producer, Styline, has created a name for himself with his global tour as well as his partnerships with various large corporations. His local residency at M1NT night club in Shanghai has definitely gave him some traction in the scene as well. He has a unique style of blending an underground feel with a more mainstream sound that has a lot of people excited.

His new track, “Suicide Squad,” was released as the first exclusive on his very own record label, Maskade. From the intro, all the way until the end, Styline creates an irresistible groove. The intro goes straight into a build that leads us right into the first power house infused drop. With a thumping bass line and high energy percussion perfectly interwoven together, this track is surely going to stir up some club dance floors. He later introduces a ravey supersaw synth that brings new energy while keeping your interest piqued as the song develops. Be forewarned, this song will make you move. Check it out below or snag a copy on Beatport.