Sometimes, we forget to give proper credit to the non-professional videographers who attend our favorite music festivals. With nothing but a camera in their hands (or on their head) and a willingness to deliver high quality shots to those who couldn’t make it, these DIY filmmakers are true warriors of the festival grounds. Without the leisure of having pit access or a professional rig to carry around, capturing live performances in all their immensity is a truly difficult endeavor. Those who have the stamina and dedication to pull it off, however, have the power to encapsulate cherished moments that fans can return to for years to come.

This weekend, Youtube user Erick Ornelas did just that, capturing Porter Robinson‘s complete HARD Summer set in stunning quality. Positioned in the center of the crowd with a full view of Porter’s epic visuals, the video brings us closer to the evening’s vibe than any other clip we’ve seen.

Featuring an incredible arrangement of tracks and soaring lights, this video is sure to transport you back to one of the best sets of the weekend. Check it out below.


Porter Robinson – Sea of Voices Live Intro
Porter Robinson – Sad Machine
Porter Robinson – Interlude
Porter Robinson – Divinity
Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – Easy
Nero – The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)
Porter Robinson – Natural Light
Porter Robinson – Sea of Voices
Porter Robinson – Unison
Porter Robinson – Spitfire
Porter Robinson – Fresh Static Snow
Porter Robinson – Say My Name
Porter Robinson – Fellow Feeling
Porter Robinson – Hear the Bells
Porter Robinson – Lionhearted
Porter Robinson – Shepherdess/She Heals Everything
Porter Robinson vs. Kanye West – Flicker vs. The Glory Mashup
Porter Robinson – Goodbye to a World
Porter Robinson – Language